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Map Tracker for Mindjet MindManager

For the avid mind mapper, productivity and project planning are usually a breeze — but even the experts might find themselves in need of additional structure to keep track of their many maps and tasks.

Our partners over at Olympic Limited have taken a successful stab at solving the problem of locating specific maps as quickly and easily as possible with the creation of the Map Tracker add-in.

Managing MindManager

From OL:

“MindManager is a very versatile information mapping application. Once you really get to grips with its powerful functions it is not long before you are creating maps for all kinds of reasons and subjects.

While this is a wonderful experience the downside is that you will very shortly find your map collection has grown considerably and finding the map you are looking for starts to require a bit more time and more accurate recollection.

Map Tracker Category View

Map Tracker is an add-in for Mindjet MindManager for Windows that catalogs your maps as you work enabling you to locate and access them faster the next time they are needed.

A SQL database stores map properties as well as a visual image of the map at each point it is updated providing a visual interface where maps can be located by visual recognition rather than textual recollection.

Map Tracker for MindManager - The smart way to organize your Mindjet MindManager maps!

Maps can be stored in categories, map keywords can be searched and maps can be filtered by extended properties such as Author, Manager, Company etc.

Each map stored in Map Tracker is represented by a “tile” that shows a map image and enables you to interact with the map giving you a much more visual way to access and organize your map collection.”

Learn More About Map Tracker

For more information about this great new add-in, check out the below tutorial video from Nigel Goult, or visit the Olympic Limited shop.

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