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10/1 Innovation Cafe Webinar: Co-Creating the Killer Close

Most companies are aware of how crucial their sales force is, but it’s not always considered integral for the right reasons. True, the sales team is on the front lines of fiscal deadlines and growth, but more importantly, they’re an organization’s direct doorway to the customer base. In the face of today’s intricate digital network of competing products and services, it’s not enough to just train your salespeople, give them a playbook, and send them off to regurgitate information to the next set of prospects or clients.

Our Next Innovation Cafe

Much like anything in collaborative, expanding, and forward-thinking organizations, it all comes down to engagement. In our next Innovation Cafe webinar with Sally Kelly, Vice President of Member Communications at CCA Global Partners (the parent company of Carpet One), will share how her group engages with their retail consumers’ questions in order to encourage them to purchase products from Carpet One retail locations. Additionally, Sally will share how her team continuously seeks to improve service to their retail consumers through innovative ideas and solutions.


Creating the Killer Close

This webinar will be especially beneficial to anyone involved in sales enablement, including management operations and training. Attendees will discover how to best explore the circle of inquiry, engagement, recognition, and collaborative ideation that her group supports with the membership of CCA Global to help them grow their business in the digital age.

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