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Mindjet Sponsors the Chicago Innovation Summit 2014

This year, Mindjet is proud to sponsor the 2014 Open Innovation Summit in Chicago, taking place this week on October 30th and 31st. With an incredible lineup of speakers and attendees, this year’s event promises to showcase how the “accumulation of technological advances and exponentially accelerating innovation can open the door to great opportunity.”

What to Expect

This year’s Summit will explore a variety of critical and emerging topics, including the convergence of exponential technologies and what that means for innovation, how to analyze different business models when implementing an open innovation process, how to develop joint commercial and institutional strategies, how to identify proper organization tools and goals, and much more.

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend over 20 industry expert keynote presentations with fellow open innovation professionals, interactive panels with thought leaders, and plenty of chances to grow their career networks. These can’t-miss presentations will cover topics like innovation leadership, building structured processes, rapid prototyping and evaluation, and how to create breakthrough strategies.

Connect and Register

Interested in learning more? Follow @IE_Innovation, keep an eye on the #openinnovation hashtag on Twitter, and register now. Hope to see you there!

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