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Biggerplate’s 2014 Global Mind Map Survey

We here at Biggerplate HQ are delighted to announce the return of our Annual Mind Map Survey (click the link to take it now!), giving you the opportunity to share your mind mapping insights and experiences, whilst also offering the chance to vote for your favourite software — and possibly win £200 of Amazon vouchers right in time for Christmas!

The History

Last year’s survey was completed by over 700 mind mappers from around the world, and resulted in Mindjet MindManager being voted number one in the ‘Favourite Software’ category, with more than 30% of the vote! Mindjet was also ranked in the top three ‘Most Innovative’ organisations in the mind mapping industry, as voted by the survey participants from over 60 countries.

The results of this year’s survey will once again be compiled and published as part of Biggerplate’s Annual Mind Map Report, which will be made available to download for free in early 2015. The Annual Report contains a range of insights and trends from the survey, in addition to wider information gathered through the Biggerplate mind mapping community website, and a selected panel of industry experts. The report aims to provide a clear perspective on how people around the world are using mind mapping applications in their daily lives, and highlight trends that may be visible in the developing software arena. For example, the following word cloud illustrates the words people chose to describe how mind mapping helps them on a daily basis, with the bigger words representing those that were used most often in the participant answers:

3 word answers cloud

The Findings

We also learned something about the factors that people value the most when choosing software, as shown by the graphic below, seemingly indicating a preference for mapping applications that combine stylistic choice with powerful project management and mobile synchronisation. No small task for the software developers of the world, but a clear signal being sent by the mapping community!

Software Factors

We invite you to participate in this year’s global mind map survey, and help to further build our understanding of the mind mapping community worldwide! In case you needed any more incentive: all completed survey entries will automatically be entered into a draw to win £200 of vouchers (or currency equivalent) in time for Christmas!

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