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INQ Magazine: Innovation for the Enterprise – Issue #4 Now Available!

As innovation continues to be top-of-mind for business leaders around the world, it’s important to consider the various elements that go into developing a sustainable, scalable innovation program. In particular, creativity — a component that’s difficult to force, hard to harness, and utterly vital to solving existing and forthcoming issues. And, because ingenuity is such a crucial piece of the innovation puzzle, finding ways to pursue open-mindedness, collaborative culture, and individual inspiration is a necessary investment in the future of any enterprise.

Mindjet’s INQ Magazine: Innovation for the Enterprise, is a great way for us to curate and highlight key innovations and ideators in the global community.

Our Fourth Issue: Discovering Hidden Connections and the Power of Individual Innovation

In our Q4 2014 edition, we’ve featured a selection of smart, robust content focused on discoveries in crowd science, social solutions, and creatively-driven individual innovation. Issue #4 highlights Siemens crowdsourcing initiatives to address traffic problems, how collaborative innovation can help support an engaging company culture, and the incredible connections that can be unearthed by well-executed crowd analysis.

Get your copy here, and stay tuned for the next issue, coming Q1 2015!

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