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Mindjet’s 12 Days of Innovation: 6 Must-Follow Innovation Blogs

Happy holidays, innovation enthusiasts, and welcome to Mindjet’s 12 Days of Innovation! This 2014 spotlight series features hand-picked resources, upcoming events, webcasts, thought leadership pieces, and more to give you an inspirational boost for the coming year. Enjoy!


On the 6th day of innovation, we’d like to share with you: six innovation blogs you need to follow right now for expert advice, use cases, trending topics, and more.

1. Innovation Excellence

This blog is about as robust and diverse a hub as anyone could ask for on a particular topic. It’s packed with valuable content covering every corner of the innovation space, from events to talks to hot topics, as well as myriad perspectives from global experts — everyone from hands-on enthusiasts to top-level executives. It’s well worth setting aside a few hours to peruse; you’re bound to find a discussion on whatever innovation subject you’re looking for.

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2. Innovation Management

If you happen to be after high-level, strategic interpretations of innovation topics, this is the place to go. Much like the aforementioned blog, this powerhouse hub contains tons of must-read content from contributors all around the world — much of which is as thoroughly investigated and data-rich as most scientific research papers. The articles pose important challenges and questions that are addressed thoughtfully and intelligently, as well as backed up by solid statistics and creative visuals.

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3. Wired’s Innovation Insights

Wired magazine is an intensely popular publication that covers how emerging technologies impact the world economy, culture, politics, and more. The community and contributor-driven innovation sub-section is dedicated to uncovering how the world at large believes innovation practices, programs, and breakthroughs fit into that overall global structure.

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4. The Innovative Thoughts Blog

This simple but powerful blog is written by corporate innovation expert and positive change-maker Harvey Wade, who has years of experience working with communities large and small to crowdsource great ideas, as well as liaison between front-line employees and executives to translate proposals into products. His writings cover his experiences, learnings, and philosophies, and provide a unique view into the working world of innovation.

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5. i360 Insight – Business Transformation

Though the BT section is only one category on this well-rounded blog, it’s the piece that speaks most directly to enterprise innovators and companies working towards or with innovation management programs. What’s particularly special about this feed is its global perspective and eye for applicability — after all, location does make a significant difference for most industries, and while theories are excellent jumping off points for valuable discussions, it’s always useful to learn from other people’s direct experiences.

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6. The FEI Blog

The best part about FEI — which stands for “Front End Innovation,” the starting point where opportunities are identified and developed before the official project phase — is its versatility. Guest posts, expert writings, article roundups, featured interviews, inspirational quotes — they’ve got it all, and it’s thoughtfully well-written to boot.

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