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MAP: The Mindjet MindManager Companion

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.46.00 AMOur MindManager mind mapping software is already one of the most powerful productivity, collaboration, and project management tools on the market. As a result, we get pretty excited when an add-on is developed that enhances the already superior functionality of the software, allowing users to get even more out of their MindManager experience. Such is the case with the Mapping Action Pack, a companion piece developed by our partners over at Olympic Limited.

What is the MAP?

The MAP is the latest companion tool for MindManager, featuring over 20 new commands for you to use with the Windows version, over 350 new icons and images, and much more, making it an extremely useful add-in for any user. Additionally, this piece has been redesigned to enable more commands, and offer more templates, icons, and images — all which will expand even further in upcoming versions of the product. The folks at Olympic guarantee it’s simple, and even invite users to suggest a command that could potentially be included in future iterations.

The Holiday Special

Even better? Olympic has just released a special December update: Map Tracker, one of the most popular map management add-ins on the market, now integrates with the MAP. For those users that are unfamiliar with this functionality, Map Tracker helps MindManager users catalog and access all of their maps through a simple interface that uses visual representation of your map library, making it easier to find and work with different maps.

The MAP is currently available for MindManager for Windows 11, 14, and 15. Learn more here or download it today!

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