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CASE STUDY: Silhouette Turns to MindManager for Improved Project Management

Our MindManager mind mapping software is an incredibly versatile tool. From individual productivity and innovation to team collaboration, brainstorming, and detailed project management, there are few comparable options when it comes to efficiency, effectiveness, scalability, and collaborative ideation.

The Silhouette Challenge

Silhouette, the world’s leading brand of lightweight, premium quality glasses, was facing the all-too-common challenge of streamlining their organizational structure and aligning management throughout different departments. As any enterprise leader is aware, initiatives that involve multiple teams can also have a very noticeable impact on those teams — and, without a completed strategy and transparent communication of parameters, things can get messy fast. That’s why Silhouette turned to Mindjet.

Discovering Solutions

The team at Silhouette has utilized mind mapping to address a number of roadblocks and project hurdles over the years. With the many benefits of our MindManager software, they’ve been able to leverage these proven tactics for project management, documentation, and organizational purposes, while at the same time using the real-time collaboration capabilities to keep a central hub of project milestones, communications, resources, and paperwork.

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