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The User’s Guide to MindManager for Project Management: Part IV

MindManager users get the most out of our bestselling mind mapping software with regular updates and our library of learning resources. Our User’s Guide to MindManager for Project Management serves as an simple-to-understand introduction for mind mapping software novices, as well as a robust resource for experienced mappers who want to take advantage of the full extent of available features.

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Working with Microsoft Project and Office Applications

Once you’ve completed your detailed project plan, you can continue to update the project dashboard to reflect status and then share the map using the Export to PDF or Export as Image capabilities, found under the File menu in the upper left. You can also use the Presentation features (in the View tab) in MindManager to create slides of your map topics and then export to Microsoft PowerPoint for distribution.

You can also export to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project, if you use either for project management.

MM PM DB_Part 4_Image 1

FIGURE N. Export options are shown in the File menu.

MindManager Enterprise

MindManager Enterprise expands the power of visual business mapping to the entire organization, enabling effective collaboration through integration with Microsoft SharePoint (2010 and 2013). If your organization is a MindManager Enterprise customer, you can export tasks to take advantage of SharePoint’s collaborative task management capabilities.

FIGURE O. MindManager Enterprise lets users send tasks to SharePoint. Tasks updated in SharePoint are also updated in the maps.

Want more? Read Part 1, Part II, and Part III. Download the full User’s Guide here.

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