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Mind Mapping Software Encourages Rapid Learning

According to Eric Kandel, a neuroscientist at Columbia University, the human memory is set up to work like a pen and notebook: people jot down memories like they jot down notes.

Through his research, Kandel found that long-term memories are built into a brain’s synapses over time. At first, your brain writes down a note by connecting two neurons together to remember the concept at hand. During this time, details can still change ever-so-slightly, much like the ink on a paper can get smudged. Over time, or as the ink dries, the memory is fully constructed and cannot be changed.

To maintain a consistent memory, you need to correctly attach the thoughts you need to remember to one another. Otherwise, confusion hits and important details start getting lost.

Enter: Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software enables users to easily note the various elements of a project or assignment in detail. With these virtual versions of traditional mind maps, details and connections are visualized, thereby enhancing memory retention and permanently capturing various specifics.

Mind Mapping = More Money

Using a mind map creator to improve your memory isn’t just a skill to impress your friends — it’s one that can make you more money. Here are a few examples.

Memorizing Sales Pitches

Elevator pitches are hard enough to remember, let alone deliver flawlessly in a high-stakes scenario. By using a mind map to memorize your pitch, you’ll never have to worry about blowing an opportunity to deliver key messages in a compelling, articulate way.

Memorizing Presentations

It’s the number one rule among public speakers: Don’t. Look. At the slides.

Memorizing presentations will help speakers engage with their audience, and improve chances that they’ll be invited to speak again. Bonus: it’s also a great way to show the boss that you know company materials inside and out.

Rapid Absorption of New Products and Services

Tasked with selling a new product or service? Chances are, you’ll soon have to learn new features, new benefits, and new ways to sell them — fast.

Make it easier on yourself by creating a virtual mind map. It’s comprehensive, shareable, mobile, and modifiable. Overall, you’ll be a stronger professional because of it.

Putting Mind Mapping Software Into Action

Ready to give your memory a quick boost? As with any new habit, practice is critical. Start by creating one mind map for a process or presentation that you need on a consistent basis. Then, see how it helps.

As you get used to mind mapping, you’ll get better and better at processing information, defining scope, and executing projects faster than ever before. Get started with a free, 30-day trial of our bestselling MindManager mind mapping software.

How do you use mind mapping to organize your thoughts and learning process? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section below.

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