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MindManager User Survey: Get Your Voices Heard!

MindManager users: we want to hear from you!

Mindjet has partnered with Olympic Limited to develop a simple but comprehensive survey for MindManager enthusiasts, from beginners to power users. Frontline feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to develop the world’s bestselling mind mapping software.

How it Works

The MindManager survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. It consists of 12 slides with specific questions about how you use the software and which features you like best. Once you’ve voted on a question, you can click the small arrow on the right to advance to the next slide. If you wait 10 seconds, the next slide will automatically appear.

If you really like a certain question, you have to the option to share it through one of the social media options offered. Please take advantage — this helps spread the word about the survey and provide us with a deeper understanding of what user behaviors, feature preferences, and needs.

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Learn More About MindManager

Want to dive deeper into our mind mapping software? Read what customers have to say here, visit our Learning Center, or check out our YouTube channel to see MindManager in action.

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