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MindManager User Spotlight: Mind Mapping the Highway to Productivity

MindManager user and Mindjet UK/WEMA Customer Success Manager Teodora Gonzalez shares how she uses MindManager 2016 for Windows to boost her productivity.


When I am on the road to the land of productivity, I drive the new MindManager 2016 to reach my destination of accomplishing goals. I think that MindManager is kind of like a sports car, a hybrid, a pickup truck, and a luxury car all wrapped up into one package—it’s an all in one tool that I can use no matter the conditions of the road ahead.

In the initial stages of a project, I use mind maps to brainstorm and structure ideas, followed by planning, analysis, qualification and quantification, and finally executing and monitoring tasks. And MindManager has all the tools I need to do this, so I can stay on the road without getting lost to switch apps.

To accomplish my daily tasks, I use mind maps, but I also need to build charts and diagrams to depict processes. In previous MindManager versions, I attached an image of a flowchart that I created in a separate drawing tool, or hacked flowcharts in mind maps by using relationship lines. Both approaches had some serious limitations—it was like switching cars three times in the middle of a road trip.

This is why the flowcharting tools in MindManager 2016 add a lot of versatility for me. I can drag and drop all of the flowchart shapes in and connect them with a click. There are also several templates to choose from, so I usually don’t have to start from scratch. (That’s the sports car getting me there faster!)

The swimline charts also make it easier to represent the different dimensions of the information I’m processing, so it’s much more transparent to the recipient. The great thing is that all the tools I was used to using in MindManager mind maps—filters, markers, tasks, calculations—work with the flowcharts too. It’s more versatile than the chart drawing tools that I used, and again, I don’t have to cut, paste and switch apps.

I see MindManager as a all-in-one vehicle to take me quickly and efficiently from A to B. From the starting line where I brainstorm my ideas, to organising and executing them and now the flowcharts help take me to the finish line.

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