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Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for some links to cool discoveries and fun stuff from around the web.

Manufacturers and NTHSA Push Ban on Car Hacking

In the age of the IoT, everything around us is connected, including our cars. It’s a scary thought that two tons of speeding steel can be vulnerable to hackers, but banning access to our car’s computers may only hide existing vulnerabilities and leave them wide open for the bad guys to exploit. When you outlaw hacking, only outlaws will hack. Read more at Wired

Is Your Startup Ready to Flow or Fail?

It takes a lot of guts to go full-entrepreneur with an innovative idea and open shop with a startup. Those guts often get in the way of logic, and failure rates are about equal to your chances of getting wet in the ocean. Check out this cool flowchart infographic at B2C and see if your startup is going unicorn or going bust.

On that, did you know that the new MindManager 2016 for Windows has advanced flowchart drawing tools? Check it out.

I’m a Leader and Gosh Darnit, People Like Me!

The very nature of leading a company leaves people in positions of power open to criticism—and people just straight-up hating them. It may just be part of the job, but it’s totally possible to get the job done and not end up on everyone’s you-know-what list. Check out these 10 Habits of Ultra-Likable leaders at Forbes.


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