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Super Spooky Happy Fun Friday Link Time!

It’s Friday and it’s almost Halloween, so that means it’s time for some links to scary discoveries and frightening stuff from around the web! BOO!

Horrifyingly Bad Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes

So you’re a tech geek. Great! You’re totally into Halloween. Awesome! Should you combine the two? Uhh, maybe not. Check out these “tech” inspired costumes that went terrifyingly wrong at PC Mag.

Scary Smartphone Apps

If you are planning on staying inside and throwing some candy at the local trick-or-treaters, you can still futz around with your phone between doorbell rings and spook your friends online. Yes, it sounds lame, but some of the photo app effects and games are pretty cool. Plus you won’t be sitting around at midnight downtown waiting to pack into a train with 10,000 drunk costumed revelers. Good on ya. Check it out at The Guardian.

The First Murder Mystery Solved with Geology

Mixing some science and murder mysteries is a totally legit way to combine a Halloween scare with nerding out. Before you get to Saturday’s CSI marathon, check out how one of the first murders solved with geological clues went down at Gizmodo.

Happy Halloween!

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