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The Visual Approach to IT Project Success

Mind mapping and visual thinking expert Chuck Frey conducted interviews with IT project managers to discover the key areas where change is driving a need for a visual solution to IT project management. Download the full whitepaper to learn more.

Overcoming Three Big Challenges to IT Project Success

The world of IT project management is facing a number of challenges today. Senior management expects projects to get done faster, with a higher level of accountability. Megaprojects, which used to have a timeframe of a year or more, are now being divided into numerous smaller projects, each with their own reporting criteria. Project teams are becoming more dispersed, creating a need for a tool that gives all team members a shared picture of project progress and their responsibilities. Agile principles are gaining even more ground in project management, which requires teams to communicate better and move faster.

On top of these challenges, the classic enterprise software tools that PMs have always used to manage large, multifaceted, multi-year projects haven’t kept up with the times. They aren’t very nimble or adaptable, decreasing their value to busy project managers and their teams. A better type of software tool is needed to manage today’s IT projects.

Three Key Challenges

In this whitepaper, we examine three key areas where change is driving a need for a visual solution to IT project management. These recommendations are based on interviews we conducted with multiple IT and project managers in the aerospace, SaaS and computer hardware industries.

Adaptability and agility
Today’s project management software must accommodate changes in the corporate environment, industry regulation and a host of other ad hoc factors that may impact project execution.

Communication and visibility
Senior management in many organizations is demanding that project managers contain costs more aggressively than ever. That means greater scrutiny and more frequent reporting to executives who don’t have time to wade through lengthy reports. At the same time, project management tools must be able to support virtual teams and outside partners, including technology vendors, channel partners and others.

The special needs of small, ad hoc projects

Today’s smaller projects need to support much more than task management. As we will see, project managers have a wealth of information collection, organization and management needs that are unmet by traditional enterprise project management tools.

Download the whitepaper to see how a visual approach to project management can make your IT projects more successful.

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