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Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for some links to cool discoveries and fun stuff from around the web.

Working on a crazy project? Here’s how to keep your cool.

When a huge project lands on your desk, just trying to grasp the scope of it can be enough to put you into run/hide/panic mode. Here are a few tips to help keep your wits about you when facing an overwhelming project from The Huffington Post. (No surprise using MindManager is one of them!)

GIFing for Profit.

It turns out that messing around on Giphy all day might not be the worst thing you ever did. Your current employer may not agree, though. See how the trusty animated GIF worked out for an artist on Wired.

Forget GPS, explore a new city with a mind map.

Pretend for just a second that you traveled to a new city and realized that you accidentally brought an old flip phone and had no GPS. I know, it sounds like some weird nightmare where you show up to work with no pants on, but an interpretation of mind mapping could help you get around. Check it out on BostInno.

Happy Friday!

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