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WEBINAR: Five Simple Ways to be More Organized at Work

As you take on new projects and responsibilities this year, you’re going to need a better way to keep up with it all and stay organized.

Check out this recorded webinar and learn five simple ways to facilitate your daily work with MindManager. In this webinar you’ll see how to take advantage of MindManager features that will help you:

  • Improve your task planning using a visual approach
  • Create a flexible to-do list
  • Clearly define your priorities
  • Organize information in a smart & transparent way
  • Organize your documents in a single, centralized view

Whether you are an expert mind mapper or just started using MindManager, this free webinar will help you be more organized and productive in 2016. Download a free trial if you haven’t tried MindManager and follow along during the webinar to see how it can help you stay organized and get more work done!


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