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5 Ways to Make Your Business Better with Flowcharts

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Remember the old marketing adage, show don’t tell? In a single glance, flowcharts show how a process works quickly and easily. Flowcharts are a great way to document processes. Flowcharts also help everyone follow the same steps and arrive at the same result. Flowcharts, after all, are like maps; they show how to get from point A to point B. With MindManager 2016 for Windows, making flowcharts and other step by step diagrams has never been easier.

1. Train staff at scale

Use flowcharts to ensure everyone on your team is following best practices consistently. Plus, a single flowchart can replace pages of text.

2. Customer support

Flowcharts can help increase customer satisfaction with your product or service. Customers and support staff can use flowcharts to troubleshoot issues. Walk people through a decision tree to arrive at a solution.

3. App development and computer programming

Model complex workflows with flowcharts. Make a plan using a flowchart and build it right the first time. Flowcharts are inexpensive, but web development and engineering resources are expensive.

4. Stay out of trouble

Flowcharts can help you meet regulatory requirements. Many regulations require clear documentation of systems and process. If you ever go through an audit, for example, flowcharts showing your accounting practices can be lifesaver.

5. Improve workflows

Use a single flowchart to start a conversation about a workflow with your team members. Visualize your current processes and then find ways to improve the process together.


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