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Australia Forum Wrap-Up: Designing the Future Through Collaborative Innovation

Innovation has always been a driver of advancement, competitive edge and ultimately global change. No matter the industry, a company… Read more »
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5 Things We’ve Learnt from “The Office” About What NOT To Do in Meetings

Recently, the London Evening Standard produced a fascinating piece by Phoebe Luckhurst, discussing how boardroom meetings are wasting time and money… Read more »
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Using Visualisation to Connect Politics with People

Here in the UK, we’ve been busy exercising our democratic rights through local and overall European elections. For those who… Read more »
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Co-Operative Crowdsourcing: One Small Step for British Business, One Giant Leap for Collaborative Economics

As the financial year draws to a close, many companies around the world will be reviewing the successes and challenges… Read more »
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5 Infographics to Help You Create a Loving Office Environment

Valentine’s Day is just a day away and people all over the world are thinking about how best to show… Read more »
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Innovation: The Free Jazz of the Business World

Though the word “accident” is not one that usually inspires confidence in the business world, good accidents can often lead… Read more »
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Mindjet User Spotlight: Åge Pedersen

  Name: Åge Pedersen Title: Program Manager at Flytoget AS (Oslo Airport Express) Started using Mindjet: 2003 Social links: Website, LinkedIn    How did… Read more »
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