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Leveling Up: Can Nintendo’s Innovation Survive the Mobile Age?

Nintendo has been a video game industry leader for nearly three decades—a period that includes six generations of consoles, unforeseen… Read more »
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Online Travel: Fight or Flight

Global online travel bookings are expected to reach $313 billion by the end of 2012. Most of that market share… Read more »
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Hurricane #Sandy: Socializing Traditional Media

Hurricane Sandy highlighted fundamental changes in the way news is created, reported and consumed during a natural disaster. The biggest… Read more »
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Musical Madness: The Great Collaborators

We love collaboration at Mindjet. And no collaboration is as satisfying as the synthesis that occurs when musicians with diverse… Read more »
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East Coast vs. West Coast: Bridging to the Coastal Divide

Welcome back to Between Minds, our ongoing exploration of dynamic offices and dichotomous work styles. Our last post outlined the… Read more »
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Setting Appropriate Work Boundaries: Start with your Smart Phone

According to a recent Nielsen report, smartphones now outnumber their “dumber” counterparts (i.e. basic cell phones) in the United States.… Read more »
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Between Kenneth and Worf: Optimists vs Pessimists

As we noted in our last post, optimism and pessimism aren’t just perspectives—they are two different, but equally effective, strategies… Read more »
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