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Quick Tip – Copy & Paste Marker Groups

When creating multiple maps, the key to project efficiency is standardization. A quick way to standardize your maps is to… Read more »
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Use Case: Getting the Most from your Resources

Allocating personnel in a project from start to finish can be one of the hardest challenges of managing a project.… Read more »
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Use Case: Creating a Strategic Plan with MindManager

Strategic planning is one of the hardest and most crucial aspects of an up and coming business. The process for… Read more »
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Use Case: Connecting Internal and External Project Teams

Communication among project stakeholders is vital to project success.   Participants need frequent communication to help everyone stay on task, understand… Read more »
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Use Case: Optimizing Project Management with MindManager & Catalyst

The basic fundamental role of Projects Managers would develop a project plan, assign tasks accordingly, and manage the project as… Read more »
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