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The Innovation Teacher, PART I: Educating Students on Failure, Change, and Discovery

Editor’s Note: Don Wettrick is an educational speaker, professional, and innovation evangelist. A two-time Microsoft® Innovative Educator award winner, he believes… Read more »
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Why Collaboration Drives Innovation in Healthcare

Cambia Brings Innovation Management to Holistic Palliative Care

When Mark Ganz, President and CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, announced the launch of its new holistic care system, he… Read more »
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How Organizations Can Leverage Innovation Platforms to Drive Change

Mindjet Sponsors the Chicago Innovation Summit 2014

This year, Mindjet is proud to sponsor the 2014 Open Innovation Summit in Chicago, taking place this week on October… Read more »
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4 Tips for Designing Interactive Visualizations

Using Visualisation to Connect Politics with People

Here in the UK, we’ve been busy exercising our democratic rights through local and overall European elections. For those who… Read more »
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Chuck Frey Leads the Way

Yes, I’m a poet–it’s true…it’s really just me staying up way past my bedtime to take a look at Chuck… Read more »