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The User’s Guide to MindManager for Project Management: Part I

MindManager is advanced mind mapping software that represents complex information in an organized, visual format. The latest version of MindManager… Read more »
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2/25 Innovation Cafe Webinars: UK and US Sessions with Siemens Mobility

Despite its recent elevation to popular-business-initiative-meets-buzzword, innovation isn’t just about companies staying competitive and boosting returns. At its heart, innovation is… Read more »
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Mindjet Dashboard Series: 10 Reasons to Use a Mind Map to Follow 2015’s Top 100 Content Marketers

My ever-evolving Expert Tracker is a powerful tool for simplifying complex tasks, such as improving access to curated lists of… Read more »
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WHITEPAPER: The Visual Approach to Improving Project Management

Considering how much of the world we experience visually, it’s a little odd how many project management tools and approaches… Read more »
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INQ Twitter Contest: How Have You Experienced Innovation’s Butterfly Effect? Win a $100 AMEX Gift Card!

Last year, we covered quite a lot of ground in our quarterly publication, INQ Magazine: Innovation for the Enterprise. Humanitarianism, education… Read more »
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Mindjet User Spotlight: Angus McDonald

Name: Angus McDonald Title: Founder & Managing Director of Knowledge Mappers Ltd. Social links: Facebook Twitter, Website, LinkedIn How did you hear about… Read more »
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CASE STUDY: Silhouette Turns to MindManager for Improved Project Management

Our MindManager mind mapping software is an incredibly versatile tool. From individual productivity and innovation to team collaboration, brainstorming, and… Read more »
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