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Super Happy Fun Friday Link Time!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for some links to cool discoveries and fun stuff from around the web.… Read more »
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Web Scoping Mind Map Template

Mind Map Review: Website Design & Development

Mind mapping expert and Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes will be stopping by regularly to share the best maps posted at See… Read more »
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WEBINAR: Overcoming 3 Big Challenges to IT Project Success

This recorded webinar features special guest host, Chuck Frey, mind mapping software expert and publisher of The Mind Mapping Software… Read more »
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Mindjet Dashboard Series: Organizing Your Website and Social Media Resources

As everyone’s online presence becomes more complex, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of details like URLs, usernames,… Read more »

MindManager User Spotlight: Mind Mapping the Highway to Productivity

MindManager user and Mindjet UK/WEMA Customer Success Manager Teodora Gonzalez shares how she uses MindManager 2016 for Windows to boost… Read more »
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8 Ways Mind Maps Can Declutter Your Project Management (PCMag)

PCMag shares a few ways that mind mapping helps organize the chaos that comes with project management. “Project management deals… Read more »
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MAP for MindManager 1.8: Chance to Win a Free License Key

Our partners at Olympic Limited have just released the latest version of MAP for MindManager. This awesome add-in now includes a… Read more »
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