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How to Create Flowcharts and Concept Maps in MindManager 2016 for Windows

Since we launched MindManager 2016 for Windows, people have been interested in learning more about how to use the new… Read more »
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2/25 Innovation Cafe Webinars: UK and US Sessions with Siemens Mobility

Despite its recent elevation to popular-business-initiative-meets-buzzword, innovation isn’t just about companies staying competitive and boosting returns. At its heart, innovation is… Read more »
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JUNE 25th Innovation Cafe: Deconstructing Employee Engagement

Accelerated revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and lower employee turnover all have one thing in common: they happen at companies with… Read more »
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3/12 Innovation Café: Developing a Coherent Social Strategy for Enterprise Innovation

The traditional Suggestion Box is a tool that technology and innovation thought leaders have used to demonstrate that innovation simply… Read more »
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How to Make Agile Marketing Work for Your Team [WEBINAR]

Mindjet’s CMO, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, is one of the industry’s most notable thought leaders on agile marketing and business (in fact,… Read more »
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Stop Stumbling Over These 5 Common Productivity Hurdles

July is productivity month here at Mindjet HQ, so to get things moving, we’re going to dive right in to… Read more »
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Get Real Results with Strategic Account Management

Fact: strategic account management gets results in enterprise sales, however most organizations struggle to do it well. Why? There are… Read more »
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