MindManager Server

Help teams across the organization manage collaborative projects and streamline information sharing within Microsoft SharePoint.

MindManager Server and EDC

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) is a global nonprofit organization that transforms lives through learning. With over 250 projects and thousands of documents to manage, Microsoft SharePoint is an important technology requirement. See how Mindjet helps EDC make SharePoint much easier to navigate for project teams in the field.

A Smarter Way for Teams to Collaborate

With the MindManager Server app installed on your company's Microsoft SharePoint servers, anyone in the company with a MindManager editor license can create and share visual project plans, and implement information dashboards that make it easy for everyone with SharePoint access to find the information they need.

Gain Clarity and Commitment on Project Plans

Use MindManager Server to create visual project plans that help the entire team get a clear understanding of goals, tasks, resources and timelines. Because team members can make edits and add comments, using MindManager Server helps teams achieve alignment and accountability on deliverables.

Manage Project Execution

Take advantage of the extensive task management capabilities in Microsoft SharePoint. With MindManager Server, you can lay out detailed plans in the user-friendly visual format, then simply "send tasks" to SharePoint for task management & reporting.

Reduce Information Overload

MindManager maps can be used as visual dashboards to consolidate files stored across SharePoint sites, as well as other content repositories and on the web. Organizing information by project, department or topic makes it easy for SharePoint users to quickly find the information they need to get work done.

How to Buy

A Mindjet account manager or channel partner can help you determine the MindManager Server configuration that best fits your organization.

In Summary

  • Once MindManager Server is installed within SharePoint, anyone with SharePoint access can view Mindjet maps within SharePoint.
  • Maps can be created(and edited) by MindManager users or by anyone with a Mindmanager editor license.