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Innovation or Extinction

The business lifecycle is getting shorter and shorter. To the organizations that thrive, innovation isn’t just second nature, it’s is a core process — and a culture. It’s not about waiting for change; it’s about making change happen.

Your customers’ needs might shift tomorrow. But you already have the solution. The competition is going to market next month. You’re ready to go next week. And when the market makes a 180 — and it will — you adapt like you knew it was going to happen. When an organization and all the individuals within it are empowered to innovate, breakthroughs can happen every day instead of every year.

One big idea isn’t enough — because business innovation never stops.

The Culture for Change

A culture of innovation is more than a mission statement. To establish a backlog of brilliance, successful organizations constantly seek out inspiration. Impactful ideas come from everywhere — employees, vendors, customers, and partners. But just piling up ideas isn’t enough. A structured, repeatable innovation process is what turns the flurry of ideas to opportunities to income — and drives consistent growth.

You have all the right people. You know the importance of innovation. And only Mindjet has solutions that make enterprise innovation an engaging daily process.

Mindjet SpigitEngage is the platform for innovation management. Big data analytics, crowdsourcing technology, and scientific insight give your company the tools to harness the power of the crowd and drive innovation.

Empower Everyone

Pulling all your ideas and assets together can be a challenge. But when each individual is empowered to execute on ideas, collaborate, and complete projects, your organization can create consistent business impact.

When everyone can get the work done, you ensure that ideas turn into completed projects. Mindjet software fosters innovation and boosts productivity in every department, with every process.

Mindjet MindManager and ProjectDirector help establish a collaborative ecosystem that allows individuals and teams to effectively create, communicate, and innovate. Every day.

More than 4 million individuals and 49 of the 50 most innovative companies use Mindjet to generate ideas, organize information, and maximize the power of collaboration. See how we can put innovation to work for you.

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