Mindjet Tasks

True Mobile Teamwork

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See it in Action

See it in action
Mindjet for Mobile

Your Mobile Hub

  • Mobile team and project dashboards Keep travel budgets in line and global teams on task
  • Simple sharing and planning Coordinate event schedules from anywhere
  • Dynamic task assignment Make changes on the fly to stay ahead of deadlines
  • Real-time updates and team postings Stay connected on tight deadlines and launches
  • Auto-prioritization of tasks Keep end goals in focus on even the most complex proposals
  • Connection to Mindjet web and desktop From phone to cloud to laptop—it’s all secure and in sync

Finally–a mobile app that drives your business forward.

With smart, efficient design, Mindjet Tasks is the hub that helps manage teams from anywhere – and keep them productive.

With Mindjet Tasks you can:

1. Quickly move between task lists, work lists, and recent activity.

Quickly move between tasks

2. Use the Connections menu to assign tasks and edit your teams' task lists.

Use the connections menu to add followers

3. Keep everyone up to date on the hottest ideas and projects simply by moving the progress indicator.

Keep everyone up to date