Ideas. Innovation. Results. Mindjet & Spigit have joined to create the first platform to bring them all together.

Put your ideas to work: The first software platform optimized to drive real business results.

The leading Enterprise Innovation Platform and Project Collaboration Suite come together to offer the most advanced platform to drive measurable business growth.

Our collaboration software brings together big data analytics, crowdsourcing technology, mind mapping, innovation management and project management to create ideas, develop plans, and keep everyone in sync through successful completion.

Mindjet + Spigit = Get Real Work Done.

  • Brainstorm with anyone, anywhere, on any device
  • Engage employees, customers, partners, and vendors
  • Identify the best ideas and growth opportunities
  • Empower teams to bring opportunities to market
  • Use mind-mapping visual framework
  • Use real-time visual project planning
  • Use seamless content and social task management
  • Establish repeatable, innovative business processes

Repeatable Business Innovation—we do it better than anyone.

Benefit from our complementary platform, product and services expertise. Together the new Mindjet supports every phase of the Vision to Action Lifecycle, connecting employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers directly into the processes that drive business growth:

  • Develop transformative ideas using valuable team input
  • Surface the best opportunities for growth
  • Empower teams to bring those opportunities to market with a purpose-driven project management suite

What we do better than everyone else, very simply, is help people get real work done that incorporates new ideas and processes to deliver measurable growth. Our unique purpose-driven collaboration technology makes us demonstrably different from the previous generation of social "dial-tone" software.

Business context and relevance are critical. Our solutions deliver demonstrable ROI, leaving behind the jargon and unmet promises of the past. Over 3000 companies including the world’s leading brands use us today to maximize revenue, provide fanatical customer service, and create repeatable innovation.

Featured Customers

"BECU places a premium on member and employee engagement. We have powered our innovation needs and increased our employee collaboration, alignment, and commitment around the future of our organization. The response at BECU has been fantastic" said Jeffrey Duke, Manager of Collaborative Innovation at BECU. "We are looking forward to the addition of complementary collaborative project management capabilities providing a complete, end-to-end social business platform from Mindjet and Spigit."

Jeffrey Duke, manager of collaboration, Boeing Employees Credit Union

“The expanded Mindjet will help us solve some of the problems facing our organization. While we are making progress helping project teams communicate, plan, and manage more effectively, the combination of Mindjet and Spigit will allow us to work across individual project teams to: gain broader participation in ideation, engage disparate parts of our company in collaboration, and move plans into action more quickly. At the same time we are trying to forge a common, unifying culture across the many silos created by the nature of our project-driven work. The merged strengths of these products provide a tangible way to address this need.”

Bob Spielvogel, chief technology officer, EDC

"Social business solutions should provide the ability to capture insight, intelligently filter information and deliver it into action in the business. The merger of Mindjet and Spigit brings together the core elements that drive business value from social solutions; process, structure, business context and relevance."

Vanessa Thompson, research manager, Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies, IDC

"Idea generation and idea implementation are part of a natural flow in innovation. The market lacks a complete solution in innovation management today. More importantly, companies need to move from getting work done to succeeding in purposeful collaboration."

R "Ray" Wang, principal analyst, founder & chairman, Constellation Research

“The combined companies bring together different aspects of the product lifecycle and provide huge potential for social business users that are looking for a complete solution to drive ideas through to execution.”

Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst, Aragon Research

"This merger immediately establishes Mindjet as a premier enterprise software provider and enhances our value to our collective customers and partners. Mindjet delivers for customers who need to not only develop transformative ideas but also to commercialize them and take them to market."

Scott Raskin, CEO, Mindjet

"Together, Mindjet and Spigit will set a new competitive standard, redefining the innovation process, from idea creation to project completion, ensuring that our customers' greatest ideas become their greatest successes."

Paul Pluschkell, CEO, Spigit

Great Ideas. Real Results.

Together we will help you unleash growth from new ideas, make collaboration and project completion simple and smart, and most importantly bring the great ideas from within your company, customers and partner community into reality in a smooth, continuous, reliable and repeatable process.