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SpigitEngage is the only platform that provides the capabilities to Innovate at Scale. Surface the best ideas that your employees, partners, and customers have to offer, and quickly turn them into results. Drive the crowd participation and engagement that sustains enterprise-grade innovation programs. More than collaborative. More than Social. More than ideas. SpigitEngage is innovation made intelligent.


  • Energized crowds drive engagement
  • Rewards encourage meaningful participation
  • Full process transparency demonstrates value of ideas

Innovation programs built on the SpigitEngage platform keep the crowd engaged for the long haul. It makes the process of idea submission and selection completely transparent, so participants see the value of their input from beginning to end. SpigitEngage also utilizes a complete Social Dynamics package with voting and discussions, leaderboards and trends, and a currency and trading system that are proven to encourage and reward long-term participation.

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The Innovation

  • Timed Challenges give purpose and urgency to collaboration
  • Powerful patented algorithms assure objectivity
  • Automated workflow increases efficiency and conserves resources

It takes an established process to innovate at the global enterprise scale. SpigitEngage provides the Innovation Engine to drive these processes effectively. Collaboration is given purpose with timed challenges that end with results. Automated Idea Graduation and workflows make elevating and evaluating the best ideas a scientific process instead of a lottery fraught with guesswork. And Features like Pairwise Voting are backed by Mindjet's patented algorithms to assure objectivity and efficiency.

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Advanced Crowd

  • Advanced visual analytics provide better data for better decisions
  • Use the crowd to quantify the value of ideas
  • Forecast the ROI of innovation programs

SpigitEngage Crowd Analytics provides the data needed to build repeatable processes and prove the ROI of innovation programs. Insights visual analytics and reporting provides a comprehensive view of quantitative innovation program data. Securely share fully customizable dynamic dashboards with stakeholders to collaborate on decisions and make them faster. SpigitEngage Predictions uses Crowd-predicted quantitative data on ideas to forecast the revenue, time-to-market, and implementation costs of ideas.

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Enterprise Ready

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