The Engine to Power

Innovation Programs.

Selecting the best ideas cannot be left to chance. SpigitEngage provides the mechanics to power innovation processes that separate transformational ideas from the noise. Automated Idea Graduation, Pairwise Voting, and Reputation Scoring allow the crowd to elevate the ideas that will create the strongest business impact. Collaborate with purpose and quickly drive ideas from submission to selection to execution. The SpigitEngage science of innovation adds speed and efficiency to enterprise innovation programs.

Crowd Science

Crowd-driven decision making backed by patented algorithms allow the best ideas to get surfaced every time. Features like intelligent Pairwise Voting take the guesswork out of idea selection. Automated Idea Graduation and the SpigitEngage Workflow Engine make the innovation process more efficient, even in very large organizations. It's crowd innovation down to a science.

Pairwise Voting

Let the crowd express its feelings about an idea in an engaging and thoughtful way. Intelligent algorithms make sure each idea gets equal exposure despite the time of submission, and star ratings display the depth of sentiment.

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Reputation Scoring

Users build their reputation through participation in challenges and other events, and their votes are weighted accordingly to reflect the depth of their knowledge. The heavy hitters in an innovation program should have more say, and SpigitEngage reputation scoring takes that into account.

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