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Solutions for Sustainable Innovation Programs

Mindjet Services provides a team of innovation experts and proven strategies that help your organization create, manage, and sustain a successful innovation program powered by SpigitEngage. We work with your organization to identify new revenue streams, create new business models and opportunities, reduce costs, and improve process efficiencies. Mindjet Services is centered on four core Innovation Service Offerings that can be tailored to the resources you have and the maturity of your innovation program.

Our team of innovation strategists, process architects, and community managers bring decades of collective innovation experience into our enterprise engagements. We have built sustainable innovation programs that deliver results for some of the world's leading brands.

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Proven Method for Successful Launches

The Mindjet Services team drives your innovation program launch with the IDEAS Methodology, our proven practice for mananging and executing successful launches. The IDEAS methodology and our team of innovation experts accelerate your organization on a path to repeatable sustainable innovation program.

Identify Opportunites

We help you identify the strategic opportunities that will engage your target audience and drive vallue for your organization through implementation of the solutions that are generated in challenges.

Develop the Plan

We then develop an approach through consultation with our client and help implement the best practices we've discovered through years of experience in collaborative innovation. We then design your SpigitEngage Platform and overall launch experience to drive engagement, collaboration, and results.

Engage the Crowd

With a plan in motion, we engage the crowd to generate ideas and input. SpigitEngage algorithm-based idea graduation surfaces the best ideas based on crowd input.

Analyze the Select Ideas

Once the best ideas are identified, we tap the experts in the crowd to analyze them for selection. Through the SpigitEngage platform, a sponsor or business leader can select the ideas with the potential to deliver results that impact value and growth.

Innovation Services Offerings

The Launch and Train Innovation Services Offerings are designed to advise, train, and guide organizations as they launch innovation challenges and communities on the SpigitEngage platform.

The Build and Drive Innovation Services Offerings provide the additional resources needed to build a comprehensive innovation program powered by SpigitEngage from the ground-up.


(0-6 Month Engagement)

We launch innovation challenges, mentor through IDEAS Methodology and teach best practices.


(6-12 Month Engagement)

We design and develop your platform deployment, and our experts provide training that boosts growing innovation programs.


(0-6 Month Engagement)

We build the foundation for engagement and collaboration across the enterprise. We evaluate dynamics, develop a challenge portfolio and manage launches, and develop a strategic approach to create the foundation fundamental to a sustainable innovation program.


(6-12 Month Engagement)

Mindjet Services' seasoned experts design, develop, and support innovation program development alongside your teams. Drive toward specific measurable goals that will impact business-defined objectives, showing tangible benefits and ROI from your innovation efforts.

Get Started with Mindjet Services

Contact us to see which Mindjet Service Offering works for your company. Don't see one that fits? We can tailor our Innovation Service Offerings to meet the specific needs of you organization. See for yourself how Mindjet Services and SpigitEngage can power your innovation management program.

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