Sustained Engagement.

Constant Innovation.

Sustainable crowd engagement is what makes innovation programs work. Business social software can’t drive innovation—most amount to little more than glorified suggestion boxes. This “post and pray” approach doesn’t drive outcomes. Just like the box on the wall, ideas seem to go nowhere. SpigitEngage uses Social Dynamics and Purposeful Collaboration that drive long-term engagement. And it is the only platform designed to be the keystone of enterprise-level innovation programs.

Social Dynamics

Purposeful Collaboration

Promote collaboration that contributes to the innovation process—not just social for the sake of social. In SpigitEngage, the crowd communicates to create, evaluate, and escalate the best ideas without the idle chatter. Everyone stays engaged with leaderboards, trends and timed challenges, so you can get to the answers that lead to transformational outcomes.

Leaderboards & Trends

Leaderboards publicly recognize ideas and people who are performing strongly, and members' reputations are displayed on their profiles. Adding some friendly competition drives engagement. And users can keep up with the buzz in real time with the new Trending ideas stream.

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Timed Challenges

Structure challenges by setting a timed countdown and by creating activity phases, such as idea posting, voting, commenting, and pairwise voting. When a challenge closes, you can select a winner to close the loop and communicate the results to the crowd.

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