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Getting Started with MindManager: Basics

Join us for an interactive demo of the key features of MindManager. We’ll review how to use MindManager templates, features, & tools.

Turning Ideas Into Action - Brainstorming with MindManager

Mind maps are like virtual whiteboards that promote more creative thinking. Brainstorming sessions with MindManager are more productive because you can focus on gathering great ideas, and then just drag-and-drop to create an organized plan. Quickly build on your ideas, assign tasks, establish priorities, and insert documents and links with just a click.   In this webinar, we'll demonstrate how to use MindManager to capture ideas, organize them, and turn them into action plans faster than ever.

The MAP Add-In for MindManager: Map More, Map Better, Map Faster [Recording]

MindManager is the only mapping software that has a rich and well-documented public API that enables 3rd party developers to enhance our robust application. In this live webinar, learn how Olympic Limited's MAP (Mapping Action Pack) add-in can enhance your map creation and editing capabilities, and allow you to save time while mapping better and faster. With 29 additional commands and 350+ icons/images included, MAP is the essential companion product for users who want to map better and faster than ever before! Presented by Nigel Goult (Owner, Olympic Limited).

Getting Started with MindManager for Projects [Recording]

MindManager is a powerful, flexible tool for project planning and management. In this 30-minute webinar, learn how to use MindManager to validate project requirements, create a detailed project plan, and communicate project status.

Collaborative Mapping: An Introduction to MindManager Enterprise [Recording]

In this webinar, gain an understanding of the many advantages of using MindManager across your organization with MindManager Enterprise. Collaborate on key business initiatives, including project management, business/strategic planning, and information management through integration with Microsoft SharePoint.

Run More Effective Meetings with MindManager & the Meeting Jetpack [Recording]

In this webinar, we explore how to use MindManager to run meetings more effectively by communicating agendas in a visual format, providing a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming, and more. Enhance meetings even more with the Meeting Jetpack, which contains a Better Meetings e-book, as well as custom templates and icons.

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