Up your Mind Mapping game with the MAP 3 Add-in

MAP 3 is the most feature -rich add -in currently available for MindManager 2017 and MindManager 2016. The software adds over 50 impact features to MindManager, allowing you to create even more engaging mind maps with greater speed and simplicity. MAP enhances the overall MindManager experience with improved navigation, more powerful map actions, greater mapping flexibility. new images & icons and much more.


The MAP Add -in typically retails for $99. but we are pleased to offer it to our MindManager customers at a discount of over 20%. Get this professional MindManager enhancement for only $79.00 USD.

Special Add-in Price




The “Swiss Army Add -in” For MindManager


$79 USD (Save $20)


Discount expires on Auguest 11, 2017

Why make the upgrade to MAP for MindManager?


The Most Powerful Add -in Ever

MAP is the most robust Add -in ever built for MindManager. Add over 50 impact features to MindManager. including: PDF and Image File Map Exports. Custom Ribbon Menus. Smart Task Panes, and much more.

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YouTUbe Embeds

Place video content directly into your maps!

This new Topic Action allows you to add YouTube videos, complete with supporting notes and custom URL displays, to your in -map Topics.

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Includes MyMapsPlus

Formerly Sold Separately

Add the Windows Explorer Pane and Quick Links functionality to MindManager with this bonus add -in included with your MAP installation.

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Download a Free 14-Day Trial

Free 14 -Day Trial. Requires MindManager to be installed.

Upgrade to MAP 3!

 “The Swiss Army Add -in for


$99.00 $79.00 USD

Top MAP Enhancements:

• Improved Navigation:Map faster and smarter with autoviews and shortcut menus

• YouTube Embeds:Place and view YouTube videos directly in your maps.

• More Math:Perform basic algebraic calculations with the numeric topics in your maps.

• Enhanced Exports:Utilize your Map content in other applications with Image and PDF exports.

• Global Map Actions:Perform time saving actions across your Maps such as clearing specific task information.

• Advanced Linking:Helps you navigate larger Maps & manipulate hyperlinked files.

• Added Images/Icons:Over 350 new Images & Icons to enable even more impressive maps and diagrams.

• Smarter Mapping Tools:Includes several simple and intuitive utilities to make enhanced mapping easier.

MAP Add -in Interactive User Guide

MAP User Testimonials

• “Brilliant! MAP is the must -have add -in for MindManager that actually puts MindManager over- the -line in terms of competitive value.can’t even imagine using it without Olympic’s quality add -ins They’re that rich in terms of additional functionality. Olympic is a force multiplier in terms of business value.”

M. Pankoski — Consultant

• “I have been Mind Mapping for many years. first using a freeware before discovering Mindjet’s MindManager, which has become my favorite tool. When I discovered Olympic and the add -ins they develop my use of MindManager made a quantum leap with MAP
and Task4Maps making my days more effective.”

Age Pederson — Administration Manager