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Transforming XML with MindManager

One of the seldom-discussed feature of MindManager X5 Pro is the ability to read and write XML files.   XML is a text-based self-defining data format that MindManager X5 is built upon.  In MindManager, this XML-reading and writing feature is called Transformations and registered transformations appear as file types in the File Open and File Save-As dialog boxes.  Transformations are XSL files that define how one XML file is programatically mapped to another.  Writing these XSL files is a software development task that Mindjet Developer Support can help you with.

Examples of XML formats that transforms can be written for include:

  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML)
  • FreeMind
  • RSS

We have written inbound transformations for FreeMind and OPML to see how transformations can be built.  Give it a try!  If you build something cool, share it with us and we will post it in here and in our DevZone!

Michael S. Scherotter
Business Solutions Architect
Mindjet Corporation

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