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Chuck Frey Leads the Way

Yes, I’m a poet–it’s true…it’s really just me staying up way past my bedtime to take a look at Chuck Frey’s new ebook, Mind Mapping Software: How to Select the Perfect Program for Your Needs.

Chuck doesn’t appear to need to sleep, unlike many of the people I know. But that’s a good thing: It gives him time to create reference works like the aforementioned. In three separate documents Chuck and other mapping pros (including Walter Tait of and Marc Orchant), a solid intro and FAQ on the whys and wherefores of mapping. (I suggest you get the bonus pack to get not just his guide to buying mind mapping software, but an in-depth review of most if not all of the mapping products out there, and a comparison chart that can make it easier for you to pick the mapping program for you)

He also provides a “Application Check-list” for people to use to ascertain which application would best fit. I was actually hoping that it would be accompanied by a chart that said something like “If your check list totaled A, then you should use #1 software; if it totaled B then you should use #2, etc.” It doesn’t actually help you pick a particular brand of mapping app, but it is a good checklist nonetheless.

It will be interesting to see if Chuck does this again next year, and if he does, how many new contenders there will be then. That there are now something like 18 mapping applications on the market shows that it is gaining market traction. Now we just need Gartner to do its Mapping Magic Quadrant.

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