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Getting Projects Done with MindManager 8, Google Docs and Basecamp!

The other day, I posted about the integration between MindManager and Google. Today, I’ll show you how that can supercharge team productivity by showing how it can be used to plan and manage a project. MindManager brings together all the disparate systems used to plan, manage and deliver projects!

See the Big Picture with MindManager

In early March, Mindjet will be exhibiting at David Allen’s GTD Summit. Our decision to participate was only made a few weeks ago. So, a Mindjet team quickly assembled and we used a MindManager map to capture everything we knew about the project and develop a plan of action.

Access All Your Project’s Google Documents:

When you open up the Overview branch, you see a series of topics that provide an overview and logistics for the event. I created a Google Document with a copy of the event’s Agenda and linked it into my event map. I added this document so I could easily highlight the sessions that I want to attend and share that with the team that will be at the exhibit. Other documents like event flyers, the speakers and their bios, and legal contracts were added and tracked within the map as well.

Track Budgets with Google Spreadsheets:

In order to keep expenses under control, a Google Spreadsheet was linked to the map. Team members can independently access the Google spreadsheet or even simultaneously update the expenses as they become known. At the same time, the spreadsheet can be accessed via the map that pulls together all the moving parts on this project. You can even access your Google Docs with your mobile device.

Add notes, comments and ideas on how to save money into the map where it will not get lost within the clutter of your budget spreadsheet. These items can be tracked, reviewed and updated during your team status meetings.

Present with Google Presentations:

Another topic in the map links to a Google Presentation that introduces “Mind Mapping & GTD” to prospects that we meet at the conference. Why show a presentation and not a MindManager map? Well, I did it to illustrate this point for the blog but also believe in using other familiar mediums to present and highlight the power of Mindjet.

Again, different team members can be invited into this presentation to update slides, add images & content. In the map, other meta-information can be added to track status, assign ownership, add comments, etc…

Track Status in Basecamp:

The team used Basecamp to track project tasks because we wanted a way to do it from within MindManager, a browser or our iPhones. With a link to the Basecamp project added into the map, I access my tasks, update status and check the team’s progress on their tasks.

More Ways to Tap into the Power of MindManager:

Beyond what I’ve listed above, you can also add the following elements into your project maps:

  • Link to other web sites & web-based applications
  • Attach Microsoft Office files or files from other applications
  • Embed spreadsheet ranges directly in the map
  • Add Microsoft Outlook emails, notes & tasks to your maps
  • Plan tasks and view Gantt charts with JCV Gantt
  • Insert task information to track progress on any topic
  • Focus on specific areas with map filters
  • And much more…

Extend MindManager with Mindjet Connect:

Add Mindjet Connect into the mix and you’ll supercharge the planning efforts with the following capabilities:

  • Edit project maps with team members simultaneously
  • Access maps anywhere with MindManager Web
  • Host web-conferences to collaborate with teammates in different locations
  • Share project related files in workspaces, saving versions as you go


Avoid project chaos by bringing together all of its moving parts with MindManager. Get clarity, see the big picture and access to all the details so you can have faster team meetings, make better decisions and deliver great results!

The project above is real but I created the map, Google & Basecamp additions today to illustrate how we could have used these applications. If you’re planning to go to the GTD Summit, make sure to stop by our booth and say hello. I’d love to meet you! If you can’t make the event, Follow Michael Deutch on Twitter and I’ll tweet some updates live from the event!

Do you work use Mindjet software in interesting ways?

Let me know at Michael (dot) Deutch (at) Mindjet (dot) com! 

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