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SCAMPER Your Way To Success!

In January, I wrote a series of posts about solving problems with MindManager. These included how to break problems down into smaller parts, use reversal techniques, understand the positive and negatives forces impacting change, and how take advantage of questioning techniques in your maps. I thought problem solving would be relevant given all of the “problems” the world and local economies are facing.

Today, I’d like to turn that around and show you how to transform a problem into an opportunity! Using another questioning technique called SCAMPER, created by Bob Earle, you can discover alternatives to the challenges you face which can lead you to very exciting solutions.

I love this technique as it really exercises your creativity. It’s both powerful and surprisingly easy to use! Use it to not only change your perspective about your life, business, product or service but also create something new in the process. Are you under pressure to do more with less? Build a new product? Offer a new service? Make more money from existing products or services? Find a way to thrive in a recession? Put this SCAMPER map to the test!

Excited to get started? Download this SCAMPER MindManager Map Template. Change the central topic to be the challenge you’re facing and then start answering the questions in each branch.

For more details on SCAMPER, check out Luciano Passuello’s post, Creative Problem Solving with SCAMPER.

Mapping Tip: To make this technique a repeatable process, add the map as a MindManager map template or reusable map part.

What ways are you using maps to turn problems into opportunities?

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