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How To Write A Book With MindManager

I love it when everything is in alignment! I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently for Mindjet…blogs, articles, etc… This morning I listened to a Get-It-Done Guy podcast about how to use MindManager to improve your writing.

Who is the Get-It-Done Guy? If you haven’t heard of the Get-It-Done Guy yet, he hosts one of the most successful business podcasts on iTunes. Stever Robbins is a successful entrepreneur, Harvard MBA, and MIT grad whose mission is helping people reach their dreams and be happy doing it. He’s a veteran startup survivor and published author.

In the podcast, the Get-It-Done Guy shared how he has been using MindManager to write his book!

How can MindManager help write a book you ask? For starters, it helps you see the big picture, organize your writing into a logical flow and allows you to focus your attention on one section at a time. You can map out all of your topics & sections and do your detailed writing in the notes pane. After creating and fine-tuning your map, you can use MindManager’s export to send your finished writing directly to Microsoft Word.

Update: Stever has shared a map template to illustrate his podcast example: My Big Book.

Are you using MindManager to help you write? Share your writing & mapping tips below!

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