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How Do You Use Mindjet?

Last week at the GTD Summit, David Allen (@GTDGUY) did a quick poll of the audience to see how many people were using Twitter. At least half the audience raised their hand while the other half were asking, “what the heck is Twitter?” and “why would you waste your time on it?

Throughout the conference, people (myself included) were sending real-time ‘tweets‘ about the conference, quotes taken from the panelists and published on the web for all to see.

How Do You Use Mindjet?  The Summit isn’t the only thing people are talking about, here are a collection of recent ‘tweets’ about what people are saying and how they’re using Mindjet software:

  • kerrygallivan: Used Mindmanger to capture the discussion at a large business meeting today and posted the map to the group. Loved it! Thnx!
  • jmarkwallace: Finally installed Mindjet on my Mac. I love this software, great for organizing thoughts and brainstorming.
  • tomjgray: I love mindjet and mindmapping and @Rogercparker is a great resource for both
  • muhanado: @pagalvin you were right about MindManager, it *is* awesome!!
  • ChrisBlatnick: @ec2boy Agreed…the @Mindjet folks rock! Everyone should be using MindManager! 🙂
  • mdowney: for ENTPs a great tool to combat a follow through deficiency is to spend more time thinking through ideas. I use @Mindjet MindManager maps.
  • cory_foy: @k0emt I use MindJet and love it. It was worth the investment for me.
  • TeamTechnology: Looking at product development with MindManager. Great product.
  • DarrenWray: Been using Mindjet for meeting notes on my tablet today. Usually use One Note, but impressed with capabilities of Mindjet on Tablet
  • stefanlubinski: Using MindManager “mind mapping” software to brainstorm a referral program. It helps me visualize all the pieces.
  • pagalvin: Every time I use MindJet MindManager I’m like, damn this is good. Every. Time.
  • will_alexander: Here’s a cool piece of software, great for organizing your thoughts and brainstorming sessions – – Mind Manager 8
  • jeffshuck: @prof_hutchens Walt, still figuring out this Twitter thing — missed your message. I LOVE MindManager — great tool. Wish it did 3-D though.
  • jflucke: @mindjet Thanks for the follow. Your software makes my life a ton easier.
  • chaosmarine: If I didnt’ have mindmanager to run every project, I would collapse under chaos. (hence… my name.. battling the forces and all that…)
  • Almar: Planning projects with Mindmanager and managing them with Basecamp.
  • ElizWellington: Pretty much obsessed with mindjet mindmanager
  • GrahamChastney: Undertaking some personal brainstorming via a set of mind maps – MindManager is great.
  • Buzzmodo: @loosewire I use the presentation mode in MindManager, and when someone gives me an idea during a talk I add it in real time!
  • OllyWhatTalent: I love Mindmanager – Brainstorming how WTCS can help a Watford based summer cultural festival.
  • mgpoole: Back from a few days away. Introduced my daughter to MindManager 8 & expect her use will interest staff & pupils at her school in Antwerp.
  • gtdguy: @estrenuo Sander, I use both MindManager and PersonalBrain. MM for project thinking and linking; PB for right-brain associations, network
  • Kyrsten_Jensen: @celltherapy I use MindJet Mindmanager regularly and LOVE IT! Great for organizing thoughts before writing – I use it to plan my wiki



Tweet to @Mindjet and tell us in 140 characters or less what are your favorite uses for Mindjet! Let us know on Twitter or add your comment below, we’re listening!



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