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Breaking News: Mindjet Connections, April 2009

Mindjet Connection’s Map of the Month

Meeting Collaboration with Mindjet: Go beyond unproductive meetings. Great meetings don’t just happen, they require planning, preparation, defined objectives and the right tools to facilitate and follow up after the meeting. This month’s map is packed with links to meeting templates, tips, and tutorials, making meetings shorter and more productive, so people can stop talking about the work and start doing it.

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April’s Top Story: Communication Prism 2.0

Collaborating through the Conversation Prism, v2.0 by PR Pro Brian Solis. Brian takes a razor sharp look at social media and presents an approach to joining the conversation.

Affiliate Launch Announcement

Join Mindjet’s Affiliate Program Today! There’s even a special 35% introductory offer! Another great way to create new revenue from your website & blogs! Hmmm…can Mindjet evangelists join too?

Customer Showcases

See How Mindjet Customers Collaborate Better with Mindjet Connect

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