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Coming soon: MindManager 8 for Mac – iCal Integration

MindManager 8 for Mac

MindManager 8 for Mac simplifies task and event management with its new iCal integration.

iCal, Apple’s personal calendar application, makes it easy to keep track of your busy schedule and To Do lists. You can create as many separate calendars as you need — one for home, another for school, a third for work, and so on. And, it lets you display it all together or you can choose to see information from only the calendars you want.

There are four new flavors of iCal integration with MindManager 8 for Mac…

1. Insert iCal Events into your map

You have the ability to create new iCal Events directly in your map or you can select from events that already exist. This feature is great for both planning and project dashboards.

2. Insert iCal To Dos into your map

There’s also the ability to create new iCal To Do items directly through your map or you can also select from tasks previously entered into an iCal calendar. Again, it’s a great way to keep track of action items that you need to complete for your different project maps.

3. Insert Smart Calendar Events

Smart Calendar Events are dynamically generated branches that contain a group of iCal Events that match your Smart Calendar Event criteria. When you create a Smart Calendar Event you first pick and choose which calendars you’re going to draw information from. You also select a dynamic time frame. For instance, you pick a specific timeframe like today, this week, this month, or a period of X days from today. Each time you open up the map, this branch is automatically refreshed with the latest content that matches your timeframe and calendar criteria. Even if the map is open, new events added into iCal auto-magically appear in your map! It’s fast and easy to setup. You’ll be able to put this to work to create dynamic dashboards that are always up-to-date with your latest schedules!

4. Insert Smart Calendar To Dos

You have a few more options when using Smart Calendar To Dos. First, select either unfinished tasks or all tasks. Next, select a time frame: today, this week, this month, or a series of days from today. Finally, you have the option to include tasks that are not yet scheduled. And, like the rest of the integrations, you can pick from one or more calendars to work from.

How might this work? You might create an iCal for each project or area in your life. Then, your map can display synchronized branches of tasks for each project or calendar category (e.g. work, home, school). There might also be some interesting ways to apply this to GTD processes…

As I mentioned earlier this level of integration is native to the Mac platform. What this means is that other software applications that integrate with iCal, like Microsoft’s Entourage, will also integrate with MindManager.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the iCal integration looks and functions:

See it in Action…

Here’s a short video demonstration from our MindManager Mac product manager, Jagdish Mirani (we like to call him ‘Mac Jagger’)!

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