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Share Your Genius with MindManager 8 for Mac

Header090924There are a few new ways to share your maps with others when you’re using the soon-to-be-released MindManager 8 for Mac.

Take advantage of sharing maps via iChat or access maps from anywhere and share them with others using Apple’s MobileMe service. 

iChat and MindManager 8 for Mac


You can send or receive maps during any iChat session.

In the course of a chat sessions, co-workers often need to send maps to each other.

Rather than leaving the chat window, opening e-mail, creating a new e-mail, attaching and sending the map, and then returning to the chat window, users can simply send the map directly from the chat window. The recipient will see a link to the map appear in their chat widow.


MobileMe and MindManager 8 for Mac


With a subscription to MobileMe, you can easily upload or download maps to and from Apple’s secure cloud service. You’ll be able to access your maps anywhere!

Sharing large maps becomes much easier. If you’re mapping like me, your maps tend to grow large fast. Adding files, images, etc… will boost the size of your map and also make it difficult to email as attachments.

With MobileMe, sharing large maps is a snap!  Just upload what you want to share, choose your recipients, and MobileMe’s iDisk sends them an email with a link to download the file. You can even assign a password to keep your files secure and set the number of days the download link is available.


Stay tuned for more previews, including more ways to share your maps with others!

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