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Stop Over-Communicating, Start Collaborating: Introducing Mindjet Catalyst


Is your team the victim of over-communication?

Here are some of the tell-tale signs…

  • Lack of team alignment
  • Duplication of work and effort
  • Multiple file versions – no single source of truth
  • Flooded email inboxes and unanswered questions
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Slower innovations
  • Delayed projects

We’re living in an ‘age of inundation’. Too much communication with too little collaboration… And if you believe the forecasts, it’s only getting worse.

More emails, more files, more confusion!

Surprisingly, I’ve rarely heard executives state communication breakdown as a critical barrier to overcome. Yet, it’s a HUGE problem for organizations. Whether they admit it or not.

In fact, according to Morton Hansen, professor at the School of Information, University of California, Berkeley and INSEAD and his fifteen years of research on Collaboration, “it’s 30% better to not collaborate as opposed to poor collaboration.” But the goal isn’t to stop collaborating, it’s to collaborate better. Hansen followed up that “companies that collaborate well perform 30% better than companies that do collaborate at all!”

Put simply:  Good Collaboration  > No Collaboration  > Poor Collaboration

Collaboration technologies today are typically focused on single features (e.g. web conferencing, document sharing, etc.). Unfortunately, they often add to the problem, not resolve it.

The key element missing in today’s tools is a visual approach…an approach that not only complements collaboration (e.g. web conferencing and chatting), but also taps into your company’s true assets – your team’s ideas and information.

Enter Mindjet Catalyst…


Mindjet Catalyst is an online visual collaboration service that easily connects people in real time and empowers them to develop ideas, solve problems and drive business processes and innovation—anytime, from anywhere.

Mindjet Catalyst addresses this gap by offering the only platform that combines the industry’s leading visual productivity and collaboration application with secure online document and file sharing, secure workspaces and web conferencing technologies.

See it in action!

Update Mindjet Catalyst Maps as a Team Simultaneously:


Teams access maps & other project files online, anytime in secure workspaces:

Mindjet Catalyst - Workspaces

Collaborate with others using web conferencing (with up to 6 video feeds), voice over IP, chat and more…


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