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We Have a Winner – Video Contest Results

200px-YouTube_logo.svgIn the month of March we announced that we would be running a video submission contest in which you, the Mindjet faithful, had an opportunity to showcase how you use MindManager to achieve a big win. We had many great submissions and today I am happy to share with all of you the winning video as well as some other great videos that were submitted.

I am happy to announce that the following video was the winner of a brand new iPad. While not the most creative overall this video really showed how you can use MindManager and mapping to solve and manage complex problems.

Check out this video by one of our category winners. I think everyone who has ever owned a home can certainly relate to the problem that he solves here:

To spice things up I thought I would share with you one of the most creative videos that was entered. This video has probably the best intro to any video I’ve come across lately and had to be shared with all of you:

We want to thank everyone who took the time out to make and submit their videos. All of your efforts are greatly appreciated. The winners have been contacted and we are looking forward to maybe seeing more videos from you in the future.

Do you have more stories to tell like these people but didn’t feel like going through and making a video? Share with us in the comments about how you use mind mapping to solve problems and get those wins in your life.

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