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Idea Maps as an Instrument for Business Information Delivery and Display (IS-IM)

This post is part of our continuing series highlighting our technology partners and was written by Jose M. Guerrero of Infoseg S.A.

1-6-2011 8-56-57 AM

Applications to Insurance, Banking, Citizen’s Portals and SAP FI module


In certain types of business, information delivery is an especially important issue. Insurance and Banking are two of them. They have to do it on a predictable frequency. For this type of companies, information distribution is an especially critical issue.

In an attempt to improve the process of generation, delivery and display of the information that Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers and Banks have to offer periodically to their customers, we have created a system that allows the use of Idea Maps as a means of information distribution.


1. Existing systems cannot be modified.

2. Idea Maps have to be a complement to existing information delivery systems, they are not intended to replace them.

3. For these types of business, the bulk of processing has a periodic nature, monthly usually.

Our approach involves the creation of a mini data warehouse on a LAN server and a four-step process.

Step 1. Extraction of the information from the system of the Insurance Company, Insurance Broker or Bank

Step 2. Loading of the information into the mini data warehouse

Step 3. Creation of the Idea Maps (1 per customer)

Step 4. Delivery of the Idea Maps by email or uploading to a Web server

Once customers of the Insurance Company or Bank have received their Idea Maps, they can use them in three ways:

1. Viewing or printing the Idea Map with the free MindManager Viewer.

2. Reviewing the Idea Map and adding comments or flags to specific points that require special attention. Usually, customers will then send a copy of the modified Idea Map to the Insurance Company or Bank. This option requires the customer to have a license of MindManager.

3. The same as in option 2, but including the modified map in the Catalyst system, to review it with employees of the Insurance Company or Bank.

In the case of Bank Assurance, our system can send insurance and banking information together. Our system can be easily adapted to other types of information. Another type of application is using it as a complement for SAP information visualization. We have developed an application to generate a Pyramid of Ratios from information extracted from SAP’s FI module. A final application is the representation of eCTDs (Pharmaceutical Regulatory information) as Idea Maps. Our system includes a small program that allows customers to generate Excel files from all tables contained in the MindManager files.

In many cases, information received as paper, Excel files or online access to a company’s website is difficult to assimilate. When customers receive a great volume of information, these ways of delivering information are not suitable for a quick and complete understanding due to its complex nature and structure. Information presented in a linear way is very difficult to review. Even online access to Web sites has its limitations due to the hyperlinking nature of the Web.

When viewing complex information, there is always a need for a global view and a detailed view of the information at the same time. In many cases, present software systems make it difficult to improve the quality of the information delivered to customers and other stakeholders.

Our system allows its users to solve all problems related to information delivery and display of complex information to be sent to customers, partners and other stakeholders.


  • There is no need to modify their present system
  • The system is up and running in between 4 and 8 weeks
  • Totally adaptable to the user
  • No capacity limitations
  • Adaptable to any type of business
  • All the advantages of Idea Maps (most importantly the global and detailed view of the complex information and the associative nature of Idea Maps)
  • Based on MindManager

How to get started

For Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Banks and Citizen’s Portals:

  • Review existing examples of Idea Maps and request changes
  • Create the information exportation module
  • Test

For other types of business:

  • Analysis of the information needs and stakeholders
  • Design of the Idea Maps
  • Create the information exportation module
  • Test

Customer Quote

“IS-IM has allowed us to increase our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. We can now serve them in an outstanding manner, in a way that larger Insurance Brokers cannot do. We are much more competitive now.”

Xavier Canudas, Managing Director SegurT2. Insurance Broker.

Examples and Request for More Information

Insurance Broker Information to Customer

Bank Information to Customer

City Council Information to Citizen (Citizen’s Portal)

eCTD – Pharmaceutical Regulatory Information

Request for More Information

Infoseg is a consulting company with a focus on innovation in technology and out-of-the-box thinking. Infoseg was founded in 1988 in Barcelona, Spain and has over 30 years of experience in insurance, hospital, banking and pharmaceutical environments.

Infoseg helps its customers to eliminate or, at least, simplify their problems by using its innovative approach to problem solving, its hands-on experience and, of course, common sense.

Infoseg uses MindManager to deliver and present complex information in mind map form for diverse environments.

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