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10 iPad/iPhone tips to get you mapping on the go!

Today our new mobile apps, Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone, are live on the iTunes store. ( See my earlier post.) They are the latest additions to our product line as we extend our leading mapping capabilities across platforms and mobile devices. We’ve launched what we believe is the most usable mapping application out there. They are both easy to use and universally compatible with Mindjet’s .mmap file format, so you won’t lose any information when moving from device to desktop and back again.

1. Creating a map: Hit “+” at the top of the screen. Enter name, choose color and then hit “done” in the dialog box.
iPad Project with Menu map imageblog

2. Working with topics: To create a topic, tap and hold down over the parent topic then swipe the arrow that appears in the desired placement. When done a dialog box will appear. Complete the dialog box to format, add notes and add icons and pictures.

3. Editing or deleting a topic: Double-tap the topic to display the dialog box. Edit details inside the box, or select Delete.

4. Expanding & collapsing a topic: Tap the topic.

5. Displaying the “in-context” menu for cut, copy, delete and save actions: Double-tap and hold the topic.

6. Changing Settings: Go to your device’s Settings folder and pull up Mindjet under Apps – there you’ll find a range of options, such as unsynching from your Dropbox account, including an outline when you email your maps, and selecting text options.

7. Reordering nodes: Drag and drop the topic to the new position.

8. Changing the topic’s parent: Drag the topic over the new parent and hold it for a split second. The parent will then enlarge and you can drop the topic.

9. (My personal favorite) Undoing/redoing: Shake your iPhone/iPad after a cut or delete operation.

10. Saving and sharing maps: Select the “book” icon at the top of your screen to open the file menu box. At the bottom of the dialog box you can either select “transfer” or “email”. Select the map that you want to perform the action on and complete the information that is asked for in the dialog box. You can also save and share your map via DropBox. To do this hit the little cloud icon at the top of the app and login into your Dropbox account.
iPad Dropboxblog

There’s a lot more you can do. Have fun experimenting and playing with it and you’ll be a master in no time flat. Let us know what you’re up to and how you’re are using it and we’ll share some of the best stories right here.

In the meantime, happy mapping!

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