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Extending mapping across platforms with new Mac, iPad & iPhone Products

As the global information mapping software leader with over 1.8 million paying customers worldwide, we pay close attention to what our customers want. Since I joined Mindjet back at the beginning of the year, many of you have interacted with me on the various forums and via the surveys that I have sent out. You’ve told me that you want products that complement the way you work today – be it at home, on the road and, especially, at the office.

MM9 Mac Box Shot Image SMTo start with, I am very excited about the upcoming MindManager Version 9 for Mac solution we are releasing on June 23. After extensive surveying of our Mac users, we heard you loud and clear: you want more feature-parity with Windows MindManager while retaining the unique feeling and capabilities of the Mac application. We listened and we are sure you will be very excited by new features such as slide creation, WYSIWYG printing, Quick-Entry mode, improved templates and other content, etc. Check out the complete product information here.

Information mapping is an essential complement to your core business applications and our plan is to give you tools that improve productivity and innovation across all the devices you regularly use. Mobile apps are a great addition to our information mapping product line because the touch screen interface facilitates typical visual mapping uses like note taking, brainstorming, and requirements gathering.  With a touch of your finger, you can drag and drop to create topics, subtopics, and details with a natural fluidity that isn’t possible on other platforms.

With the acquisition of the core technology and development resources of the respected myMind product, we’ve been able to deliver 1.0 Mindjet iPad and iPhone releases that are simply the most usable mobile mapping solutions on the market today.  Look for them on the iTunes app store on June 15th.

By the way, I want to relate a funny story from the meeting with iPhone Life during our press briefings. I had just finished reviewing the upcoming Mac launch and was about to dive into the details of our upcoming mobile products when the reporter interrupted me to say “Blaine, before you tell me more, I just have to tell you about the mapping app I use on my own iPad. I really like it because it’s the most usable iPad mapping app out there. It’s called myMind. Have you heard of it?”

With great pleasure I told him that, in fact, myMind was the foundation of the applications we are releasing and that the myMind development team was now part of Mindjet’s team.  Who doesn’t love a little validation, even before the release date, right?

In addition to great usability, our mobile products also provide the best compatibility with the industry standard Mindjet (.mmap) file format. The implications are huge. With mobile mapping apps today, round-tripping a complex map from the desktop to the mobile device and back again usually means that the more advanced types of content and meta-data are either lost or garbled. This is a huge pain-point for mobile users.

No more.

Mindjet’s new mobile apps retain and store virtually all map data types. Even if a data type isn’t directly supported in the mobile app, it is retained in the background and appears untouched when you are back on your desktop mapping application. Pain point resolved!

Finally, rest assured that this is just the beginning of our entry into the mobile space – we have an aggressive roadmap of upgrades and enhancements that will be automatically sent to your iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Click here for more information on our new mobile apps.

With the addition of these mobile applications, Mindjet provides the most usable and useful information mapping solutions available across mobile, Web, Windows and Mac platforms. Lots more left to come – hang on for a great ride!

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