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Say ‘Hello’ to our new iOS apps: Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone!

While we await the launch of MindManager Version 9 for Mac (on track for a June 23rd release date), we’re happy to announce that Mindjet for iPad and Mindjet for iPhone are now available on the iTunes store! Look for them there under “Mindjet for iPhone” and “Mindjet for iPad.”

iPad Project with Menu map image

With Mindjet’s new iOS apps, you can create new maps on the fly and work with existing maps stored on your device, or in a Dropbox account. Both apps are optimized to make the most of the form factor with intuitive interfaces, including in-context menus and streamlined workflows. The best part is – you don’t have to worry that all that important data will be lost when “round-tripping” maps from desktop to mobile and back, because all map attributes are preserved. This will help you stay productive whether you’re mapping on Mac, Windows, iPad or iPhone!

Here’s a short list of key features:

  • Finger slide topic creation: Just slide your finger to create a new topic!
  • Drag and drop functionality: Organizing information is fast and easy!
  • In-context menu: Menu display at your fingertips to cut, paste and delete topics!
  • Dropbox® integration: Synchronize directly to Dropbox!
  • Large map navigation: Makes browsing large maps a breeze!

If you like what you see we hope that you rate them and post a review!

Want more background on our iPad and iPhone apps? Check out our earlier blog post.

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